Welcome to the Uncertainty Quantification Group, in the Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics at MIT. We are part of the Aerospace Computational Design Laboratory and affiliated with the Center for Computational Engineering.

Research Overview

Our research focuses on advancing fundamental computational methodology for uncertainty quantification and statistical inference in complex physical systems, and using these tools to address challenges in modeling energy conversion and environmental applications.

We tackle a broad range of projects, but most involve aspects of a few core questions:

  • How to quantify confidence in computational predictions?
  • How to build or refine models of complex physical processes from indirect and limited observations?
  • What information is needed to drive inference, design, and control?

Featured Publications

A. Spantini, D. Bigoni, Y. M. Marzouk
Preprint (2017)
A. Spantini, T. Cui, K. Willcox, L. Tenorio, Y. M. Marzouk
SIAM Journal on Scientific Computing in press (2017)
T. Cui, K. J. H. Law, Y. M. Marzouk
Journal of Computational Physics 304 pp. 109–137 (2016)
P. Conrad, Y. M. Marzouk, N. Pillai, A. Smith
Journal of the American Statistical Association 111 pp. 1591–1607 (2016)

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June 2017
Congratulations to Rebecca Morrison for accepting a tenure-track position at the University of Colorado Boulder!

June 2017
Congratulations to Alex Gorodetsky for accepting a tenure-track position at the University of Michigan!

Feb 1, 2017
Congratulations to Ricardo Baptista and Ben Zhang for passing their PhD qualifying exams!

Sep 2, 2016
Congratulations to Alex Gorodetsky for successfully defending his PhD thesis!

July 2016
Congratulations to Tiangang Cui for accepting a tenure-track position at Monash University, in the School of Mathematical Sciences.

Feb 27, 2016
Congratulations to Alessio Spantini for winning the student paper competition at the 2016 Copper Mountain Meeting on Iterative Methods!

Feb 20, 2016
Congratulations to Alex Gorodetsky for his selection as the next John von Neumann Fellow in Computational Science at Sandia National Laboratories.

Jan 31, 2016
Congratulations to Antoni Musolas for passing his PhD qualifying exam!

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